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Paragliding: A Quick Guide

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  • Wondering where to start?
  • Seen paragliders and want to know more?
  • Need advice on how and where to learn?

Paragliding: A Quick Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the sport of paragliding. Put together by the editorial team at Cross Country Magazine and Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide, the Quick Guide is a perfect snapshot of what paragliding is all about.

It includes advice on:

  • What is paragliding?
  • Where did the sport start and when?
  • The basic equipment: everything you need to get in the air
  • Understanding the glider, harness, helmet, reserve and electronics
  • How to launch a paraglider
  • How to find a school near you
  • Your first training course explained
  • How to join a club and progress



  • Learn about all the different disciplines: ridge soaring, cross country, hike-and-fly, towing, accuracy, tandem flying, mini wings, vol-bivouac, acro and competition flying
  • An insight into crossover sports, from sky diving to climbing to kite-boarding
Paragliding The Beginner's Guide

Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide is the ultimate guide to learning to paraglide. It is the essential training guide to learning to fly safely and quickly – from your first flight to becoming a qualified pilot and beyond.

Paragliding: The Beginner’s Guide is published by Cross Country International Ltd

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